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11 5th Ave E | Ada, MN 56510
Office Telephone: (218) 784-9500
FAX: (218) 784-9502

Request Records IconUnder the Minnesota Data Practices Act (MDPA), any person, on request, may inspect and may obtain copies of documents or data within the possession of the Red River Watershed Management Board (RRWMB), except for materials classified as private or confidential under the MDPA. A request must be in writing. The use of this form to submit your request will foster clear communication between you and the RRWMB and allow for us to make the requested materials available to you more quickly. Please review the RRWMB’s “Policies and Procedures for Public Access to Documents,” for details on how the RRWMB will process your request, and the cost to you associated with your obtaining copies of documents or data.

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Office Location: 11 5th Ave E | Ada, MN 56510
Telephone: (218) 784-9500
FAX: (218) 784-9502